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Release Title: ロロナのアトリエ ~アーランドの錬金術士~
Initial Release date: September 28, 2010 (JP)
Platform: Sony PlayStation 3
Artist: Mel Kishida

The bustling city of Arland.
Within its walls stands a small alchemy atelier.
There, Rorolina Frixell (Rorona, for short), works for the master alchemist Astrid Zexis to pay off a debt her parents owe.

One day, a knight of Arland, Sterkenburg Cranach, comes to the alchemy workshop and informs
Rorona that by order of the kingdom, the shop will be shut down unless she is able to prove that it can
function in the city's economy and contribute to society.
Over the next three years, she must pass 12 assessments in order to do this.

A remake was later released for PS3, PSN and Switch, titled 'New Rorona' (or 'Rorona Plus' in the West).