Release Title:
マリー、エリー&アニスのアトリエ 〜そよ風からの伝言〜
Initial Release date: January 24, 2003 (JP)
Platform: Gameboy Advance
Developer: Gust, Banpresto
Artist: Isaemon Yamagata/山形伊佐衛門

The two alchemists Marie and Elie run a workshop together on the Artisan's Way in the city of Salburg. It's not a big business, but their reputation is steadily growing. One day, their past teacher Ingrid requests them to write books for the new library that is being built. The library will be finished in 5 years, so they are requested to write at least one book every year during that time.

Marie and Elie are introduced to Anise Ryftchen, a young alchemist studying to become a teacher. While Anise initially seems cheerful, it's soon revealed that she is overworking herself. Anise is struggling to keep up with both her work at the academy and her vision to write books for her school back in the Southern Country. Marie and Elie offer to help her, but this is ultimately up to the player to choose. (via Atelier Wikia)

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